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  • This 9 Year Old Girl Wrote A Novel

    More than a tree grows in Brooklyn—accomplished authors do, too. 

     At 8 years old, Anaya Lee Willabus, who was reading and memorizing books at age 2 before she could even speak clearly, became the youngest published female author of a chapter book in U.S. history. But is it any wonder? By age 6, she was putting away 15 books a month! 



    The Day Mohan Found His Confidence is the story of a young boy who overcomes the many challenges he faces at home and school with the support of his family and friends. An April 2014 trip to her parents’ homeland of Guyana, South America, inspired Willabus to write the story, as she wanted to share the cultural differences that she witnessed there. 

    The book took her over a year to finish. Willabus, who turned 9 in November, has received many awards for her achievement and has been invited to numerous local and international events to read and promote her story. At home, Willabus has a collection of 400 books. Surely, in the years to come, she will be adding some more of her own to the shelf.


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