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  • Head Of The NSA Starts Testing Of Boeing’s Self-Destructing Smartphone








    Boeing is testing a smartphone – the Boeing Black, which can self-destruct itself if required. In February 2014, Boeing Co. had filed documents with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) describing the Boeing Black, which was intended to be used as a means of secure communication between agents, contractors around the world with the U.S. government’s top secret communications network on matters related to national security and defense.

    Lt. Gen. Alan Lynn, the Defense Information Systems Agency, co-developers, has mentioned that NSA chief Adm. Michael Rogers, who handles top secret documents on a daily basis, was one of the first to test Boeing’s new Black smartphone.

    “The Boeing Black is the device we’re currently working with,” Lynn said. “We’re just now in the test phase,” he said.

    Earlier this year, Boeing told the FCC that if the device is tampered with it self-destructs:

    “Any attempt to break open the casing of the device would trigger functions that would delete the data and software contained within the device and make the device inoperable.”

    The most secure phone in the world is just a window to another computer, a remote server on the military’s Top Secret JWICS (Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System) network.

    According to General Lynn, the device uses “a large amount of encryption” and “nothing lives on the device.” That means that the Boeing Black acts like a dumb terminal once it connects to a secure server where all the work is done and holds the data. The only thing the user controls are input signals (keyboard, mouse) to the server. The result, said General Lynn: “We’re not too worried about losing data,” at least not off the phone.

    Even though the handset is intended as a government-use device it also supports dual-SIM technology, so users can switch between government and commercial networks without swapping phones, all while protecting data on traditional cellular networks, according to Boeing website. It would use the Android operating system from Alphabet Inc. and also support GSM, WCDMA and LTE protocols. Additionally, the Boeing Black would have an HDMI port, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

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  • Scientists found first independent space nation 'Asgardia' - and you can become a citizen

    A consortium of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and legal experts has announced plans to create the first ever nation in space.

    The new nation will be called Asgardia - after Asgard, one of the Nine Worlds of the ancient gods ruled over by Odin in Norse mythology - and will be independent of any current nation state on Earth.

    Asgardia will be built on a satellite, which will be launched into orbit in the Autumn of 2017 - 60 years after the launch of the first ever satellite, Sputnik.

    It will have its own legal framework, flag and other symbols of nationhood, representing a new era in the "Space Age".

    "Asgardia is a fully-fledged and independent nation, and a future member of the United Nations - with all the attributes this status entails," said Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space Committee and founder of the Aerospace International Research Centre in Vienna, who is leading the project.

    "The essence of Asgardia is peace in space, and the prevention of Earth’s conflicts being transferred into space."

    Under current international space law, including the widely adopted , states are required to authorise and supervise national space activities, including the activities of commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

    Objects launched into space are subject to their nation of origin, and if a nation launches an object into space, that nation is responsible for any damage that occurs internationally and in outer space.

    The Asgardia project aims to create a new framework for ownership and nationhood in space, which will adapt current outer space laws so they are fit for purpose in the new era of space exploration.

    By creating a new space nation, the scientists hope to enable private enterprise, innovation and the further development of space technology to support humanity to flourish, free from the tight restrictions of state control that currently exist.


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