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  • Two Ethiopian shepherds injured in landmine explosion


    Two Ethiopian Shepherds Injured in Landmine Explosion in Kuwait

    Two Ethiopian nationals were rushed to Jahra Hospital after a landmine explosion which was reported at Salmy road on the 83 kilometer mark. Jahra police rushed to the area after the incident was reported. The victims could not be transported by Medvac due to bad weather. They were reportedly shepherding when the explosion took place. They were taken to hospital by ambulance, and admitted inside the intensive care unit.
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  • One Really Great Grandmother: Amazing true story of 101-year-old in THAT photo who grew up in the depression, went back to school aged 40 and found true love in third marriage to childhood sweetheart at 80

    • Rosa Camfield of Gilbert, Arizona became an internet celebrity just before her death on Monday 
    • A picture of Camfield and her newborn great-granddaughter Kaylee was shared thousands of times when it was posted online last week
    • Daily Mail Online spoke with Camfield's family who detailed her amazing life story  

    The picture of a 101-year-old Arizona woman cradling her new-born great-granddaughter spanned four generations of the same the family in one photograph and captured the hearts of millions.

    Posted to Facebook two weeks ago, the loving image of Rosa Camfield and baby Kaylee became an online sensation before it was announced that Rosa had sadly passed away on Monday.

    But behind every picture is a story and Rosa's is every bit as inspirational as the photograph that captivated the Internet.

    Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Rosa's granddaughter, Sarah Hamm, 33, detailed her grandmother's life from tumultuous youth in the Depression era, to a difficult divorce in the 1950s and all the way to her third marriage - to her childhood sweetheart - in her 80s.

    'Grandma was always happy, I mean, she was smart as a whip, even at 101,' said Hamm. 'She was funny and had lots of stories.'

    Hamm originally posted the photo a week before her grandmother's death after taking her daughter, then 2-week-old Kaylee, to meet her great-grandmother Rosa for the first time. 

    Rosa had three children, five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

    'It was actually the day she was being released in the hospital, so we were hoping that Grandma would get to meet her,' Hamm said.

    Soon after she snapped the photo, it ended up on Life of Dad where it became a massive hit.

    'When I posted it I thought a few of our fans would feel connected to it as I did. Then, within an hour, it was clear that I had underestimated the impact it would have with people as it was shared and liked hundreds of times per minute,' said Life of Dad founder Patrick Quinn.

    As of Wednesday afternoon, the photo had received over 2.5 million likes and nearly 78,000 shares.

    'I think its really sweet,' Hamm told ABC. 'My grandma would've loved this.' 

    Like the few who make it to live past 100, Rosa Camfield had a lifetime worth of stories that her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren remember well.

    Rosa's youngest daughter Lynn Vine, says her mother was born on a fruit farm in Michigan in 1913.

    Rosa's family appears to have been relatively well off before and during the Great Depression.

    Her father was the first one in their town to have both a radio and a car, using it to bring locals to their home for nightly entertainment.

    'Grandpa was the one who liked to have new things and he was quite progressive so they always had the first of everything,' Vine remembers.

    Vine says her mother lived in a time when kids still attended school in a one-room schoolhouse where children of all ages were taught by the same teacher.

    'One year she was the only kindergartener the class,' Vine said.

    While Rosa wanted to go to college after school, her dad advised her not to.

    'Her dad didn't want her to go to college,' Vine says. 'He said, "You don't need to. We have plenty of money."'

    Rosa went on to marry her first of three husbands in the mid-1930s, a man named Rubin with whom she had all of her three children.

    While the couple were married, World War II broke out and the couple helped out by spotting planes.

    Unfortunately the marriage didn't last, and the couple divorced after about 15 years.

    It was after her divorce that Rosa decided to go back to college - while raising her three children in her 40s - and get her degree in teaching.

    She taught 8th Grade at Ludington Public Schools for most of her career - and one year her daughter Vine had her as a teacher.

    Rosa married twice more. Her second husband, Mert, died in the mid-1980s and she married for a third time, to her childhood best friend, Lennis Camfield, a few years later.

    Rosa and Lennis grew up next door neighbors and they would walk the same half-mile route to school everyday.

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