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  • UTC students in South Africa set "White Devil's Books" on fire, dance around burning Art, Paintings

    South African UTC students in Cape Town have burned art, books, literature, paintings and anything connected to the "White Devil" that has allegedly been oppressing them in a movement called "Rhodes Must Fall". Black students drenched historic paintings and writings in gasoline, set art and books dating back centuries on fire, purposefully vandalized property of the university, sprayed graffiti like "the apes are loose" and threatened the lives of Whites in the area. They sang and danced in celebration of destroying "white colonizer art" and "throwing off the shackles of the white oppression". They later went on to set buses and offices on fire.

    Self proclaimed "Social Justice Warriors" in the West are currently celebrating on Twitter that "Africa is finally being decolonized" and the "White Man" is finally getting what he deserves - apparently complete annihilation of his history and fear for his life.

    Whites in Africa fear persecution, expulsion, sanctions and are frequently murdered or harassed because of the presumed "guilt" of colonization. Ever since the end of colonization, nearly all African nations reverted back to tribalism, extreme poverty, rampant disease, complete lack of any infrastructure, starvation, debt and perpetual civil war with not a single nation on the continent excelling in anything or being able to feed itself. Despite whites being a tiny minority, they are blamed for all the problems - even when they have no influence on the decisions. This goes as far as to blaming the late descendants of Europeans in countries that never even had colonies for the awful state Africa is in.

    Inherited and generation-passed guilt complexes for "Slavery" and "Colonization" in Europe have lead to droves of self-hating Europeans accepting millions of "refugees" from Africa - as the normal state of their society is recognized as civil war. Flooding your own country with people that turn their own homeland into a hellhole is seen as a way of "making things right".

    Europe and America refuse to give the White minority refugee status, so thousands of white farmers are killed or tortured every year for their race.

    Similar sentiments as shown in the video are expressed in other parts of Africa. Mugabe urged the "white cancer" to leave the country as soon as possible after the farmers have been punished with sanctions for years. Now that they have left, Zimbabwe faces the worst starvation crisis in decades after agriculture completely collapsed.

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  • Nigerian judge hits out at man's 90-lawyer defence team

    A Nigerian judge has criticised a lawyer facing criminal charges after he turned up to court in Lagos with a defence team of more than 90 people.

    Justice Aishat Opesanwo described the approach as tantamount to "harassment and intimidation", a statement by Nigeria's anti-corruption agency says.

    Prominent lawyer Rickey Tarfa is charged with the obstruction of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    He denies both sets of charges.

    Mr Tarfa is accused of blocking the arrest of two suspects wanted in a corruption case by keeping them in his car for nearly six hours on 5 February when they were due to be picked up by the authorities, according to a statement from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which brought the case.

    In the second charge, he is accused of perverting the course of justice by communicating through his personal mobile phone with a judge overseeing a trial between the EFCC and two private companies which he was representing.

    Mr Tarfa was granted bail at the hearing and the case has been adjourned until March.


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